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Falling Sky Season 5 Episode 5

Non-Essential Personnel

At town group of people try to defense their house and block skitter out of them, few of them decides to get out. But they are surround by them while they go outside not long. Pope and Anthony show up and rescue them.

They selected few of them from their group to join them, one of abandon is nurse she wants to get in with the rest of them.

While Dan leads his men to Washington, they are ambush. They fire them back, Pope tells Tom that Hal stills alive. But he tortured him and let him listen.

Dan try to talk with them to negotiate, but he is hostage by a father with his family. Dan tells Anne when she comes to check him that he will takes care him.

Tom following Pope order and found the rest of men he abandon, Pope’s men are attack by one of Hornet. They are injured by it, Anthony tells him it’s strong.

Rebecca shows up to stop Tom to attack Pope’s base, she tells him she create weapon that only him can delivery. He won’t listen.

Dan get betray the deal, gunman tells him he needs to kill him. He tells Anne and them to move out. Tom sneaks in Pope’s place, he meets Pope and shoot him. But Pope is not dead and shoot him at leg.

One of Pope’s man help Hal out, but during out Hal see Tom. Before Tom finish Pope, he is captured by hornet.

Dan get chances and get his gun, Anne takes few men and get in. Ben and Maggie gets in and make him stand down. Dan try to convinces him to with them, later they found that man already lost his family. Dan takes him with them.