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Gotham Season 2 Episode 2

Knock, Knock

Theo threaten mayor, he wants him to do something. He tells him the monsters are coming.

Jerome and his inmate dropping people from roof, he called themselves Maniax. Theo tells them about their grand opening. He also ask Barbara about Gordon.

Bruce found that his father own some research, he wants to know what is it. Alfred destroy it, he is upset and fired him.

Gordon try to get Bullock back, but his fiance prohibits him. Before left he gives Gordon some clue, Gordon found the Maniax stolen some fuel truck.

The Maniax with fuel truck go to stop school bus and hostage the student, they are going to set fire on them. Gordon and polices shows up, he rescues the school bus and catch one of them while Jerome and other escape. He try to question him who gets him out, he is shot to dead.

Bruce tells Alfred that he has to be with him, he wants him to prepare him. He agreed, Bruce tells him to fix the computer he broke. He goes to see one of Wayne’s employee Lucius. He asks him to help.

Barbara calls Gordon again, she shows up at police station and lure Gordon out. While Jerome and other gets in police station and hostage Essene. They makes police killed each other. While Gordon is ambush, she tells him that he should get back to work.

At police station, Jerome and them kill them all. Gordon back to station, he found Essen is dying.

Lucius help them fix computer for Bruce, but he tells him he knows nothing about his father. Bruce heard news about police dead, but he found Gordon stills alive. Bullock shows up, he decides to back.