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Falling Sky Season 5 Episode 4

Pope Breaks Bad

After Pope buried Sara, Tom goes to apologize him. He tells him that they needs him, but he ignores him.

Tom and other found from Cochise that he is dying, he tells them that one of his vital organ is failing. He is going to see his father for last time, he tells them to work with Shaq.

Matt discovers place that they may found fuel and transportation, Anthony tells Pope that he also hates Mason now they work together. They spread the hate among his men. Hal found out about them, Pope blames all dead on Tom.

Tom and them found the fuel and other supply, they also found communication. They found signal from British. Cochise’s father agree with them to span Cochise life, he wants Ann to operate them.

One of them open the door and let insect out and kill him, they are attack Tom and other. Tom lure them to him, he success stop them and escape.

Cochise help them to transplant his father’s organ, they success transfer it. But his father still dead, they heard Tom and them are back. They go out to get battery, but Pope shows up and stir up. Tom is upset and gives him his gun and asks him to shoot him, if he thinks he is responsible. But he won’t do it, Tom cast him out the camp.

Anne failed to safe Cochise’s father, she help him on his grief. Anthony shows up after that and taken her to Pope. She tells him that what he did is not gonna hurt Tom, all he wants is to take world back. She left.

Tom sees Rebecca again, he warns him about Washington and Hal. Tom back and not found Hal but see Pope’s message.

Tom tells Dan to go without him, he will goes to him alone. Pope tells Hal that he is going to kill him when Tom shows up.