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Gotham Season 2 Episode 1

Damned If You Do…

Bruce and Alfred gets in the cave he found, Osborne become gang leader instead of Falcone. Bruce are demoted by Loeb, Bullock is resign and own his bar. At night a man drinks something from his master, at day he shows up on road. He starts to shooting, Gordon is there. He try to cut him but he arrests him.

Loeb fired Gordon from police, he tells him he will break him. Lee is happy that he is fired, but he said he will do something.

In prison, while in prison Jerome tells Barbara that she needs a friend. She doesn’t care, he thinks he want to following her.

Gordon goes to see Osborne, he asks him to help. He knows what he wants but he wants him to collect debt for him, he said no.

Gordon goes to apologize Bruce for get fired, he reminds him what is important. He makes him change his mind and work for Osborne.

Gordon goes to collect Osborne’s debt, Osborne agreed to help him back. Barbara try to call Gordon and back with him, but he refused. She call Lee and threaten her life, she tells him they should go away. He said he can’t because he did bad thing.

Osborne goes to see Loeb, he threaten him to do something for him. At day in city hall, mayor introduce Theo the business man, Loeb resign and appoint Essen instead. She put him back.

The man that Gordon captured before is sent to Arkham, one day he collapse and release gas from his body. Then group of men shows up and get prisoners out include of Barbara.

They are captured by Theo’s men, he tells them he wants them to be criminal team. They kill one that doesn’t obey.

Bruce and Alfred use the bomb to destroy the door, inside they found the working room and his father’s letter.