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Falling Sky Season 5 Episode 3


Tom shows Dan the group of skitters they found, Ann notices that it’s twice bigger from last seen. They try to attack them with drone, they are success. All of them dead.

After they spread the news to other militia, Cochise tells them there are 2 places that skitter might plans something. They found that one of them is Washing ton DC.

Hal shows Tom and Dan again the group of skitters, Tom think they must has overlord somewhere. They are wonder how they make them so fast.

They found that Brian takes Catlin out, Maggie wants to get them back. But Tom wants her to help them find out where they build the skitter. They decide to find them, they found them with overlord. Maggie is in controlled and goes to see them.

He uses her as translator, he tells Brian to kill her. Hal shows up and stab him down, he stop Maggie before kill him. He might tells them where they created skitter, Brian try to shoot them but Caitlin block it. He sorry and kill himself, she also dead.

Tom plans to kill them again and send Pope and Sara back to their source. While Tom asks Cochise about it, he tells him what he see is Dorniya. He tells him they are extinct and turn to skitter.

Hal and Maggie back with overlord, they captured him. But he won’t answer him anything Ben tells him to hurt him to get answer. But Tom is not sure he can hold it.

Pope and Sara while track back to their source, she stuck in skitter’s thing. They can’t get her out, she tells him to get some fire back.

Tom uses both Ben and Maggie to torture overlord, they success Ben and Maggie see his mind. Now they knows where he made skitter, they found that when they build big enough they will over run them. And they found something different is control them.

Tom takes them to there and setup the bomb, they success to destroy the builder. They are going back to safe Sara, Pope goes back and found she is dying. Tom and them are there but they are too late.

Overlord tricks Anthony to kill him, Dan has no choice but discharge him from duty. Next day Tom plan to go to DC.