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Extant Season 2 Episode 13

The Greater Good

Molly and Terra go to see Ares, she tells them about humanich’s virus. Taylor tells Lucy the plan to kill all life form, he assigned her to Molly-x.

Ethan and Charlie are looking for Julie, they found her in coffin. Molly found JD lie down with blood. She gives him some of her blood. JD wakes up and found her, he points gun to her. She convinces him that she didn’t shoot him. Ethan and other shows up, Molly tells them they have to leave now.

After that Molly-x and Lucy show up, but they are gone. They found them, they surprised that they did that. She explains it to JD, he found himself healed. He asks if her gives him her blood.

They notices something that if they kill Taylor, it might kill Ethan too. She can’t decide it, Ethan shows up and he want to sacrifice too. He convinces her.

They plan to attack Taylor, they get inside GSC. Ares and his men shows up and power off the building, but while they are at Maze. Ares tells her that all hybrid are down, now they are coming at them.

Taylor separate them in maze, humanoid are coming. Charlie found out about Taylor’s trick. Charlie found humanich, Molly-x shots him.

Lucy found amulet from Charlie, Taylor tells her to digest it. He wants her to sacrifice herself, she did. But it’s a fake, he convinces her to help him.

Molly found they way to Taylor’s server, but Molly-x shows up. They have fight, JD shows up he see both Molly. He chooses the right one, he gets out to stop other humanich.

Taylor try to convinces Molly, then Molly-x gets up and squeeze her. Molly uses her power and stop her, Lucy then shows up and tells her where to use the amulet. She did it and all humanich are stop.

Molly found that Ethan still alive, Molly decides to tell the public. But apparently before Taylor is shutdown he transfer himself to one of the humanich.