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The Huntsman Winter’s War (2016)

One night queen Ravenna kill the king by use her magic, after that she gets his throne. At his funeral, Ravenna found that her sister, Freya fell in love with someone. That night she confronts her about him, she told her that she is pregnant.

After she give birth, Freya found that her lover leave her and one night he came back and kill her baby. She is upset and kill him.

Later she leave kingdom and raise her army at far away land, that she turned it to frozen land and become ice queen.

Eric and another children are taken from their village and sent to her castle, She forbid them from love, she trained them to be her huntsman.

After they growth up, she send them in the war. Eric and Sara always win and come back, one day Freya found out that they are in love. They plan to escape from her, but they failed.

Frey tells them to fight out then she will let them go, but they failed. Sara is killed by her men. Eric is throw out to the sea, but he survive later that he help Snow white to get rid of Revenna.

After that 7 years later, Snow white’s men comes to see Eric about the missing mirror. He tells him that Ravenna used her men to take it out but they never return, .Snow White wants him to find it. Look like the mirror make her sick.

Eric notices that Freya found about them, he tells them to move his force before Freya attack them.

Freya send her men to after mirror, she wants it before Eric. Eric and his men track Ravenna’s men to place where they are attacked. They found out that they killed each other. Then he found that someone take the mirror.

While they stop at inn for information, they are attacked by huntsmen. Eric is beaten by them, before they kill him. Sara shows up and help him out,

He wakes up and tied by her, he found that she is not dead. She thought that he betrayed her and leaves her. She is captured in dungeon for while. She breaks out and find him for abandon her.

Eric tells Sara about mirror, if Freya gets it she will unstoppable. They work together to get the mirror before Freya, Sara believes now that love is weak while Eric try to get her back.

Eric found out that Goblin attacked Ravenna’s men and take the mirror, They are going to them and get mirror out.

They found it at goblin’s lair, but they found that they killed each other. They met one of them and they attack them, but they sneak out and get mirror out. But after they take one of them down, more goblin shows up.

Eric fight with them to let the other go to sanctuary, Sara gets chance and chase them away.

Next day snow queen and her men shows up, Eric found that Freya send Sara to get him. Freya commands Sara to kill him, she shoots him straight to the heart. After they leave, they found that she didn’t kill him.

He sure that Sara is on his side, he following her to Freya’s kingdom. While Freya starts to get controlled by mirror. She found Ravenna gets out from mirror.

Ravenna wants to use Freya and her army to take down Snow White, she starts to command her men. Frey starts to upset about it,

Eric and his men sneak in the castle to get mirror out, he try to kill Freya but he failed. Ravenna shows up and stop them, Sara also failed. They are both captured again.

But then his friends start to help them out, they side with them. Ravenna starts to attack them, Freya can’t stand that and help them.

After that Frey found out that Ravenna is the one who commands her lover to kill her baby, Ravenna strikes Freya’s first. But Freya’s men try to help her, Ravenna attacked them and Freya.

Freya tried to stop Ravenna but she is killed by Ravenna, but Freya make a chances for Eric to destroy the mirror.. He did destroy it and killed Ravenna along with it.

Freya dead, they release all children back to their family.