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Falling Sky Season 5 Episode 2

Hunger Pains

At camp they found group skitters head to them, but they are killing each other. They are looking for food, as they have no overload control they goes chaos. Few of skitters breach in the camp, one of them kill them along with their food.

Now they are checking their transportation to look for new supply, Cochise tells them the other military also get same attack.

Tom starts to see illusion, while they are very hungry and surround by skitters. Some of them start to eat skitter, it’s poison to human he’s dead.

Dan found the place that might has some food, they plan to go there by avoid all skitters. Group of them break through them and get in tunel.

Dan found his men tortured a skitter, he notices Tom stand there watching them. He kill it and stop them. He asks him why he lets them do, he tells people before to use their rage to fight, so he let them.

Group of them found a warehouse they are looking, inside they found food. They packing them back to camp. But during that they notices something, they found a girl. Her brother is skitter-hybrid, she wants to feed them to him.

Maggie tells her that at their camp they have machine to reverse them, they can help her. The camp are attacked again, they hear the truck honk. Their truck stuck, but they managed to clear path. They found Kaitlin and her brother, Hal then unconscious.

Ann tells Ben that they can’t help him, he will confess to her. While Annn is check the insect, she found that it has human eye. it wakes up and fly away, Tom and her following it. They found huge group of skitter in wood.