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Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016)

Story begin with Master Oogway is attacking by Kai his old rival, Kai is recently collecting a lot of master chi. Finally he is defeated and his chi is taken, before he disappear he tells Kai about Po.

Master Shifu appointed Po as new master of Five, he started his role by train them hard. But his ability to teach is so bad. At night Master Shifu shows up and suggests him up.

But after that night, Kai shows up at the village. He send his men to find Master Oogway’s student.

That morning Panda name Li Shan shows up at the Po’s shop, he is looking for him for long time. After a while they aware that they are father-son.

Po takes Li to the Jade’s castle, they play fool around with happiness. But after that they are seen by Shifu and Five.

Then they notice that the village is attacked, they go there and found the jade zombies attack the village.

Po is very impressed to fight with them, after that Kai reveal himself to them and retreat. Master Shifu tells them about Oogway, Kai and Pandas. Kai starts to collect Panda’s chi, but Oogway stops him and ban him to spirit realm.

Li tells them that he knows about chi, but he has to take Po back to secret village, Ping also sneaks up to go with them. After Po left to master the chi, Shifu sent Five to check about Kai’s information.

After that Po, Ping and Li arrive at Panda’s secret village. He found all panda’s secret like they don’t walk but roll, they eat more than one at a time. He also meets Mei Mei there she is in love with him.

Mantis and Crane found Kai’s place, but they are defeated and turn in to chi’s stone. While at the village, Li tricks Po about Chi learning. He wants to let Po live peacefully without fight.

While Master Shifu gets the message from masters that all of them are taken by Kai, after that Kai, Mantis and Crane shows up as Jade zombies.

Monkey and Viper are defeated, Shifu tells Tigress to warns Po. Shifu is also defeated, Kai destroy whole Jade’s palace.

Tigress shows up at secret village and tell Po about it, Po learned from Li that he doesn’t know about master chi. But after that Po figure out the plan to fight with Kai, he trains all pandas to help his plan.

Kai and all his zombies show up, Po executes his plan and face alone with Kai. But his plan is failed at end, he can’t send Kai back.

He is beaten by Kai, but while Kai is feels his victory. Po send both of them to spirit world, at there Po is beaten by Kai again.

While Kai transform him to jade, Li and the other try to help him by send him power. Po gets their power and defeat Kai with his Chi power. All of master turn back to normal.

Po meets Oogway, he tells him he is the one who send his father to find him. After that Po goes back to the world.