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Extant Season 2 Episode 12

Double Vision

Fiona decides to use humanich as national guard as Taylor suggest. They will find Molly finally, now every street has humanich patrol. Dorothy meets Terrra, she is running from them.

Molly and them go to Julie’s house instead they found Charlie suicide. He stills alive, he tells them what happen to Julie. Molly tells him about way to destroy them.

She hows him the worm and the map where Taylor is, but it’s safest place on planet. They get other plan, they send Charlie instead. He goes to see Fiona, she takes her out for ice cream. He tells her about Taylor, if she agreed and deal. Molly will meets her, they see each other in private chat room. Molly tells her about Taylor’s plan, she wants her to help them because on her can help.

JD gets called from Dorothy about Terra, he said he will bring her in. They found they hit her, but they fixed her.

Before left, Ethan left note for Fiona to check about drone log. They tell her no one authorize the drone to kill Toby, her man tells her about missing virus.

Taylor aware that he can’t trust Fiona, but she still useful. Molly and them plan to infiltrate in the Taylor’s building. With Fiona’s help they will be able to do it.

That night Lucy also launch her humanich team to release virus in large city. Molly try convinces JD to cancel, but he won’t.

Fiona contacts Molly tells her about humanich’s plan, she tells her to start it now. She start to shutdown the grid, Molly and them outside. Now they execute the plan.

But Taylor found out, he open system back. They abort plan and escape, Molly try contact Fiona but too late. Lucy shows up and tells he that they detain her, huminich killed all of them in GSC.

Molly tells them that she will go find Ares, Ethan found out where is Julie. He and Charlie goes to get her.

Lucy created new humanich with Molly’s face, after JD back to house he meets Molly. She tells him that Terra is captured, Fiona is dead. She asks him about Amulet, but he didn’t has it. She shoots him down.