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Falling Sky Season 5 Episode 1

Find Your Warrior

Tom found Rebecca, he notices that they try to play game with him. He remembers this conversation with her. After he notices the glitch, he wakes up.

After 2 days Anne announces that Tom and Lexi are gone, Dan and other are building up their defense.

Tom crash on earth, he survives. At night while walking, he is ambushed but he managed to kill it. Tom managed back to camp, he tells Anne about Lexi.

He tells them about his dream about his home, they all wonder how he gets back. Next day he announces himself to his people. Tom convinces them to fight with them, now he plans with them to attack the rest of skitter. Volm tells them there are other army, and they will communicate through Volm.

They send team out to destroy the rest of skitter, Dan and his team found rest of the robot. They start to salvage it, Tom’s team found Overlord escape pod. Before they destroy the pod, they are surrounded by skitter.

Dan found out the Tom might in trouble, he decides to head to help him. He helps him on time. Tom thinks the skitter is controlled by Overload nearby, he wants to keep find him. While they are checking the list of place that Overload can hide, Tom quite sure where is him.

Ann goes to check if he’s ok, he quite sure that he’s there. He takes men to there, they found group of skitter. With weapon they salvage from their robot, they kill them all.

Tom heard the voice again, he goes at basement alone. He found Overload there with Ben, it try to negotiate but Tom just shoot him dead.

They lost someone that night, while they have funeral. Tom is bite by huge insect