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London Has Fallen (2016)

Kamran just back from his mission to disturb Philippines, he comes back to join his sister’s wedding. He, Raza his brother and his father take care the guest during the ceremony.

One of their catering send their position to Pentagon, they fire the drone and destroy entire area.

After Mike just finish his exercise with US President, after he back home his wife complain that he installed too much the camera in his baby’s room.

He plans to resign from President’s secret service, after that at the white house US President get the bad news about English’s prime minister’s death.

At London while government discuss about ceremony and threats they might face during the ceremony, like Syria.

At white house, Mike and President briefly about how to manage his security while he is at London.

Next day after air force one arrive at London, US President heading to at the London’s cathedral where all security are surround of it to protect the most powerful lead of the world.

After US President arrive at Cathedral, one of the guard stick the bomb under one Canada’s leader’s car. Few of them heading to US President and start to attack them. Few of them kill German’s leader. They also kill the Japanese’s prime minister on the bridge, while Italian’s prime minister is killed by Westminter’s Abby bomb, France’s President is killed by explosion oil ship.

Mike and US President are pinned down at front of the Cathedral, Mike calls his back up and get US President out. But they still after them, Mike try to shake them out. Finally he success takes him back to his helicopter and leave.

Terrorist start plan B, they cut out all London’s power. On the way to Air force one, they are ambush by stringer. They are down on ground, US President and Mike are safe. But Lynn is killed during impact.

They still chased by terrorist, while at white house terrorist Barkawi send the message to threat them. Barkawi called to threaten vice president to hand US President otherwise all death after this will be because of him. Vice president thinks that Barkawi might have connection in London. He asks them to check and find him first.

Mike hides US President and go out to get rid of all chaser, Raza is captured by Mike and killed. After that he leads him to MI6 safe house.

Vice president and Chief of London plan to stand down all service to distinct between bad and good guy, then use military to sweep the area.

Mike takes US President to MI6’s safehouse and meets Jax from MI6, after get the communication and plan from vice president. They will get secure route back to US embassy.

They found that it’s Barkawi who behind this action, he tells Mike about 2 years ago mission that failed to kill him. So he back for revenge.

After the secure team arrived, Mike thinks they are not delta’s team from them. Mike thinks they have mole, he hide US President and get out to kill them all.

Mike and US President drive to embassy, on they way they are ambush. They are hit down and US President is taken. Then delta’s team arrive, they go together to get him back.

Mike and delta’s team storm the terrorist’s base to get US President back, Mike sneaks in their base to get him out while delta’s team distract them and cut their power to stall the execution.

Mike gets him on time before they kill him live, but Kamram escape. He gets his men back and chase after them, he has no choice but blow up entire building. Kamram is killed.

After delta’s team arrive, they found both of them alive. After that John’s from MI6 is killed, he is a mole.

Vice president call Barkawi to confirm his location and kill him with drone. Mike decides not to resign.