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Extant Season 2 Episode 11


Molly is sad about Toby’s dead, JD tells her they have to see Nichlas and stop humanich. They back to safe house and found that Terra missing.

Fiona tells Julie that she will put humanich on her team too, she should not question if she need her job.

Ethan discover someone sending them message, they think he is Nicolas. Molly doesn’t want to take him with, she thinks she might lost him. But he insisted.

Julie and Charlie plan to get him closed to Lucy so they can check who is Lucy’s commander. They plan to show her that they have fight, Lucy fell for it.

Molly and them goes to where they get message, she found the cloaking fence. With number they get it uncloak it, they found his house and meet him.

He tells them that he didn’t kill John, he tells them about Taylor. He tells them he was framed with computer, he tells him John is killed by Taylor. He has killed switch, but he lost it when he is flee.

He thinks Taylor will do anything to save humanity even he has to killed some of them, he has no other plan to stop Taylor.

At night while they stay, Nicolas attack Ethan. Molly and JD comes to help, he tells them that he just wants speech translator from him. Ethan tells them he may can help.

Julie and Charlie try to figure out who is behind humanich, but they are caught. Lucy tells him that she will take care.

Taylor suggests Fiona to make alien public, he suggests her to use humanich to patrol on street. Lucy tricks Charlie that they are going to lunch more humnich, Julie plans with him to destroy them. But too late, he found that they are gone. Lucy tells him that they already has Julie.

Nicolas tells them about worm that John and him worked on it, it will destroy Taylor and humanich, it’s name Zugzwang. He goes to retrieve it and gives to Molly. Few minutes later agents shows up and arrest him.