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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016)

Colonel Darcy rush his horse to the secret base, after he has priest check about zombie infection he is passed to the base.

He goes to see Mrs. Featherstone, he asks her about zombie infection in base. But she tells him that nobody, he takes his fly out to detect the zombie. They stop at Mr. Kingston, Darcy getup and kill him. He asks them if there is anyone else, they said no.

After he left, Cassandra rush to see her friend Annabel. She is Kingston’s nice. But when she is there she is killed by her.

At Bennet’s house, his wife tells him that their daughters need the husband. They talk about new rich man in town, Bingley. That night all of them go to join the party to see him, that night Liz one of their daughter see Darcy there too.

Bingley ask Jane one of their daughter to dance, she also like him. Bingley try to convinces Darcy to see Liz, but he doesn’t want. She is upset and go out, she meet Mrs Feature Stone. She is zombie, before she tell her anything she is killed by Darcy.

After that they heard the attack of zombie, Liz and her sisters rush in the building and kill all of them. Darcy falling in to Liz at that time.

Next day, Bingley invites Jane to the tea party. During the way she found zombies, but she take them down.

Next day Liz goes to see her at Bingley’s house, while Darcy also following her to to check if Jane is infected. But her doctor said she has flu and get wound because back fire. Jane is not infected, after that night Liz and Darcy has few fight word together.

Next day, Liz takes Jane home. Mr.s Bennet asks Kingley to meet together in next balling.

Days later Collins shows up and have lunch with them, he tells them about Catherine the most talent warrior. He tells them that he wants to date with Jane, but they tell him that she is not available. Mr.s Bennet propose him Liz instead.

Next day they meet Wickham, new lieutenant in city. They walks together,  after that they found Bingley and Darcy. Liz notices the tension between Darcy and Wickham, he tells her about their tension.

At balling’s night, Darcy shows up and asks Liz for dance but they have no dance. That night Bingley and Liz found  the zombie is attack people, Bingley is knocks down. They fells in the zombie trap, but Darcy shows up and kill them all.

Next day, Bingleys moves out the city. Later Collins shows up and propose Liz to marriage, but she refuses him. He parent try to force her, she upset and go in the wood.

She found 4 black suitman in wood, then Wickham shows up and distracted her. She found them missing, he takes her to zombie’s nest. He tells her that these zombie didn’t kill man to eat brain. He said this is way to live together with them.

After back Charrote one of her sister, tells Liz she will marriage with Collins. She tells her if she happy she is with her, next day Collin takes Liz and Charlotte to see Elizabeth.

She also meets Wickham and Darcy there, Wickham try to convinces Elizabeth to agree with his way. But she and Darcy disagree. Darcy upset and chase Wickerham out.

That night, Wickerham meets with Liz. He tells her about Darcy tell Bingkey to keep away from Jane. He asks her to run away with him, but she won’t believe.

Next day Darcy propose Liz to marriage, she refused him She tells him because he suggest Bingley to away from Jane, they have fight. After she strongly reject her, he left.

Next few day, Liz gets the letter from Darcy. He explains her what happen about Bingley, Wickerham. After that she notices that Wickerham gets one of her sister, Lydia with him. She found that she might be at Lazarus, zombie’s nest.

Next day Elizabeth and her guard show up to fight with Liz, she knocks down her guard. After that she takes her family to protect, Liz and Jane go to get her sister back

Liz and Jane shows up to help Darcy and Bingley from zombie. Liz tells him about Lazarus, but he tells her about raze and he thinks no body will survive the raze.

Next day, Darcy rush to Lararus by himself. But Liz found out about Darcy, Bingley tells her that Darcy go out for her. Liz rush to help him.

Darcy found Lydia at the prison, he found the plan of Wickerham. He success to destroy his zombie’s plan and get Lydia out. Liz found Lydia is safe, and see army of zombie coming.

Darcy and Wickerham fight each other, he found that Wickerham is zombie. Before he kill him, Liz shows up and kill him. After that they rush back to the camp, but they away second after they destroy the bridge.

Liz wakes up and found Darcy is dead, she is upset and confess her feeling to him. But after that he is not dead, he heard all her words. After he fully recovery, he propose her again.

After that they get marriages, they saw the army of zombie coming. It leads by Wickerham.