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Dominion Season 2 Episode 13

Sine Deo Nihil

Alex cast the eight balls out of them, they are all back to human. They go to check in city and found eight balls are every where.

They spot the trucks with Reisen inside, Alex tells her about what he found in new Delphi. Reisen announces to people to get Alex to him otherwise he will kill them all.

Gabriel and Michael are at village, but they found no one. Michael tells him that he didn’t destroy his body, he thinks Michael trick him. He is going to kill him and destroy the church. The prophet shows up.

Alex and them found Arika, she tells them about helicopter. He tells Claire to get out with her, while he sneaks in tower. Claire decides to make her captured to bring to Reisen.

Gabriel’s darkness is killing him, Michael asks Prophet to tells Lucifer to help him. He owed him, Prophet put fire on Gabriel. After fire out he seems ok, Michael figure out that Lucifer wants to use Alex to sacrifice to heal Lucifer.

Claire convinces Duma to let her see Reisen, while Alex is coming up to them. He found he hostages her, Alex gives up. Duma try to kill him, but Reisen is fighting him from inside. He tells her to shoot him, she did but Duma takes back control and shoot back at her.

Noma shows up and shoot him down the tower, Claire dead. David decided to stay, he help Arika to escape and get killed.

Alex and Noma found another escapees they are abandon city, Noma tells Alex she wants to leave him. He found she gets her wing back, he asks her what she did.