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Extant Season 2 Episode 10

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Molly is become alive, Ethan and Julie go back to see her. Julie lost him, but she see Lucy and another humanich in.

Molly found that she is changing, she see Ethan shows up and she asks him to open door. JD shows up and tells her about Ares, she found out about Terra.

She goes in virus safe to stop her, she found she plant to suicide and explode the place. She found Toby inside too, she convinces her to stop. JD and Ethan shows up, they tells them about humanich. Toby tells them about tunnel to escape, they get out.

After they are safe house, they found the news about explosion. Molly thinks someone setup them.

Fiona tells Toby that hybrid escapes to the tunnel, he must has a mole. She commands Lucy to dispatch humanich and get Molly back after she found that her body gone.

Julie found from Toby that Ethan is safe, she tells him about Lucy attacking. He realize that who is high authority. She tells him about call with Anna, Toby is looking for Nicholas.

Molly tells JD that she will goes to see Toby. He tells her about humanich kill human, he thinks it’s Nicolas who do it. He tells her to disappear, he will take care him.

After Molly back she found Ethan is not well, she and JD goes to see Julie to help him. Lucy shows Fiona that JD is the mole. While he is going to Taylor to find about Nicholas, he found that his authorize is revoke. He sees Fiona and guards show up, he is arrested for Treason.

After Ethan wakes up, he tells her about John’s message. He tells them that to stop humanich there is item that guard by Nicolas. Fiona asks Toby about Molly, he tells her about Nicolas. He warns her that he is controlling all humanich.