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Dominion Season 2 Episode 12

Day of Wrath

Gabriel shows up and attack Michael, he found that he has darkness inside him. They start a fight.

Alex and Noma heads to see Claire, Claire wakes up and see Arika nearby. They decide to go together, until they meet Alex. Outside Vega, they see eight balls army coming.

Alex tells the rest to protect the city, he and Noma head to cover the wall. Arika wants to go home, Claire has to go alone to there and found David.

In past it’s Gabriel who unleash the 7th seal and bring the angel down the earth, Michael miss the fight.

Alex arm the rest of people they found in Vega, he asks them to fight with him. Claire activates the wall but she found they go though secret tunnel to Vega. She tells him to make the wall gun work, while she goes to tell Alex about it.

She decides to fight with him, David success to activate the gun and shooting at eight balls. Michael tells Gabriel that Lucifer is alive. He tells him about town that protect by him and the mark on Alex. He doesn’t believes him, he takes him to that town to check.

Willam shows up at war room to stop David, but he decides that he will help him to fight evil. He wants to clean the sin by kill everyone. He open the gate at let them through, David try to stop him and shoot him died.

Alex and them found they are at the gate and coming, they shoot them until their ammo out. Alex thinks of something and facing them.