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Extant Season 2 Episode 9

The Other Side

Molly tells Toby to study and learn from her, he wants to know where are the other. She tells him she wants to see Ethan. Julie and Charlie tells Fiona about Lucy, they want her to shut down them but she asks them to fix instead.

Julie tells Ethan about Molly, he wants his memory back. Toby takes JD to see Molly, stuff at GSC receives the body of hybrid. One of them is Terra. After they back from eating, they found her as teenager.

Julie takes Ethan to see Molly, after that she decides to shutdown all program. While Terra lets Ares and the other in GSC.

While JD is with Toby, he notices the footage of Ares and his men in facility. While they are turning off humanich, GSC call them in.

Ethan goes to see Molly but too late, Molly dead. Ares plan to release virus to destroy them.