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Dominion Season 2 Episode 11

Bewilderment of Heart

Stuff at command centers start to kill each other, Claire hide under table. She heard the baby scream, she run after that sound. Alex and other following her.

Claire found baby in one room, she is happy with him. Michael tells Alex about the vial, he said to help them they have to find and close it. Noma feels its presents, she leads him to it.

Each of them has they own nightmare, David, Arika, William. Michael tells them vial will choosing someone to protect it. He tells them to split up, Noma starts to see her darkness. She sees her wings back.

Michael starts to see his darkness, he see Noma kill Alex. After he disappear, his ear bleeding and he grunted for Noma.

Alex following Noma because he found her acts is strange, she found the vial but she feel that she has to save it.

Michael and Alex found Noma has vial, they are going after her. Michael sees vision that Alex kill himself. He is very sad.

Alex following Noma to the roof, he try to convinces her to close the vial. He success, while he asks her to close it Michael shows up and attack her. While he is killing her, Alex decides to close vial himself. He closed it.

Darkness gone, Michael feels back. Along with Arika, David, Clare and William. Alex tells him he will goes to find the survivor.