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Extant Season 2 Episode 8

Arms and the Humanich

While JD is leaving he notices the air craft coming, Molly and them also notices them. She tells them to hide but Ares wants to fight. they try to use their power on them but they are immune.

Molly notices about Lucy, she thinks they are not human. They start to attack them with virus, Lucy is after Molly. Molly is get hit while she try to protect a kid, JD shows up and knock her down. After that they retreat.

Molly found that they already release virus, Ahdu is sick but not yet Molly. They hide in JD’s old house and his ex wife, Dorothy shows up. She freaked out when she see what they can do. He explains to her what happen.

JD decides to turn himself to get his daughter back, Molly also wants to go to GSC to find the way to help Ahdu. They left Ahdu to Dorothy.

Lucy blackmail Charlie to help her remove her expired date, he decides to show it to Julie. They realize that this is her plan, they think Lucy must be shutdown.

Molly goes to meet one of her colleague. She wants him to steal equipment and help her, after she back. She found Ahdu is aging, she try to help him. But failed, he died. Molly found that she starts to sick too.

JD tells Toby that Molly is dying because he exposed her with virus, Ethan found out about Julie and Charlie’s plan to kill Lucy. He warns her and stop them, Charlie try to explains him about Lucy.

Lucy wakes up and attack Julie, before she kills her. Ethan shows up and save them. Molly turns herself in Toby.