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Dominion Season 2 Episode 10

House of Sacrifice

After Michael collapse, he found himself at village. He meets the prophet. He tells him he knows that he cheat him. He gives me real sword that can killed him. He threaten him that if he won’t kill himself he will take fire off village, and everyone here will die.

Michael dare the prophet in game, if he win he will release him back to his body, he agreed.

Gates and Alex has different opinions, Alex wants to use force to take back the nuclear plant while Gates wants to get it by technical. But Claire agree with Gates.

Reisen found that Gabriel now is control the new Delphi city,  Rebel leader calls Claire. Alex try to convinces him to surrender, then they found that one of coolant is leak. Gates tells them they are going to boom.

Alex tells them he will takes Gates there to stop meltdown. Gates tells Claire that he doesn’t believe in Alex, Alex takes him to the control room. But they are hostage by rebel’s┬áleader. But Alex and him tricks and kill him.

Reisen decided to get vial back from Gabriel, he tells his wife to meet him at hidden point. While he is looking for vial and get it. He found later that Gabriel hostage his wife, he wants him to be his soldier. He killed her, Reisen lost his humanity and become his soldier.

Gates tells Alex that he needs to lower the reactor manually, but he found out later that he is going to sacrifice himself. He tells him that the reactor won’t last long, he has to find people new home.

Michael wins the game, the prophet takes sins and confession back to him. He tells him this is not done until he gets Alex.

Claire arrested David, after that she gets call from Gates to say good bye. After that Claire announce to abort the V system.

Gabriel is arrive at outside vega with vial, Reisen is heading to eight balls’s army storage. Michael tells Alex about Lucifer, he said he alive.

Gabriel drop the darkness vial in Vega.