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Extant Season 2 Episode 7

The Other

JD managed to kidnapped Toby and bring him to see Molly, she try to negotiate peace for them. But Toby thinks alien control her mind, he won’t accept it. Molly threaten him to tell Congress about his lie, he agreed to help.

JD takes her to get some supply, he doesn’t trust Toby. At command room, Toby decides to use humanich and virus. They announces them as terrorist to discredit them, JD and Molly back to tell them about it.

One of Ahdu’s men doesn’t agree with them, he thinks they should leave to city and end humanity. They explain about lock down, if someone leave it will lead GSCĀ to them. JD helps them to set up defense.

But some of them is not trust JD, they upset him. He tells Molly that she has to choose side too, she can’t have both.

Toby found that all pregnant alien will be come hybrid, he found that Molly too. He is going to see Taylor. But it still can’t find them, Toby decides to take JD’s daughter.

Taylor found their location, he suggests Toby to release virus and use humanich army. Toby wants Lucy lead team to get information, he tells her do not engage.

Lucy found JD and Molly talking, she calls Toby and tells him she found all of them there.