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Dominion Season 2 Episode 9

The Seed of Evil

David try to convinces his people to attack the city, so they can win. While he tells his closet man to escape, he thinks Arika will sell him too. While he getting out, he found his son William.

Julian is going to use vial to Gabriel, he put one drop of it on his eye. He screams out loud. He finally breaks his mind,

Arika tells Claire that Zoe has no idea about sniper, they ask her about David. But she won’t.

Outside Vega, Alex and them found Julian’s eight balls outside in sleep mode. He thinks they might can get pass them. But while they are passing, few of them start to wake up and attack them.

Gates found out that he is sick because of Arika, he goes to see her about it. She tells him to get her out to Helena, then she will gives him antidote.

Julian┬áleaves his body and enter Gabriel’s body, while Claire is going to celebrate her winning of her army. They see the alarm outside wall, they see Michael and Alex, they are surrounded outside the wall. She decides to get her army to help them in.

Julian failed, Gabriel throw his soul back to his body, and he can now take control of her body. He make him killed himself. He now hand over the vial.

Alex, Michael and Noma get inside the wall. Gates shows Arika that he gets his antidote without her help, and she is going to executed tomorrow.

At night rebel’s team take over the nuclear power plant, Julian stills not dead he takes something with him and escapes. Gabriel try to find him but can’t, one of Julian man tells him the army in city which now he has control. His eye now turn to black, he wants to┬ákill Michael by his hand.

Alex goes to see Claire, she tells him about their baby. Michael has vision about Malloy the prophecy again.