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Extant Season 2 Episode 6

You Say You Want an Evolution

Molly found that she is changing, she thinks it’s baby changing her. She asks him to get her bone mallow so she can check her.

She found that she has hybrid’s DNA, she thinks with her may be she can create something to encounter and reverse it. JD warns her that is bad idea, they will kill her.

She goes to see Ethan, she tells him that she is sick. He will stay with Julie until she is better. She goes to facility, Toby tells her that from her research. Her virus is done, Lucy scan her and has not sure what she is.

Anna tells Julie that they are going to build hundred of Lucy, she against it also John. Anna tells her that John is not here anymore, She remembered the night she called Anna. She tells her she will take care it.

Molly try to get virus data out facility, she get caught by security. But her power activate and stop them, she asks JD for help. She tells him she need her son DNA so she can make the reverse.

Julie is going to upload Lucy on 100 humanich, Molly tells JD that she thinks hybrid has the silent communication. She will use it to find her son, she found the way to send the message through the frequency.

They are waiting for them to show up, she gets contact from Ahdu. They found several children in wood, they lead them to Ahdu. They found a lot of them.

Ahdu shows her the reason of them why they are here, she feels sorry for him. He tells them it’s not intention to get pregnant woman killed. He tells them now they evolve, no dead anymore.

She tells JD that they have to stop virus before killed them all. She tells him they should study their evolution, he disagree but she convinces him.

While Julie takes Ethan back home, they trap in elevator. Someone try to scare her