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Dominion Season 2 Episode 8

The Longest Mile Home

While Alex and Noma trapped with eight balls, Michael shows up and make them run out. He tells them about Gabriel and Julian, they are heading to Vega.

Arika asks David about assassination, he tells her he doesn’t wants them to have peace. Gates bugs her call and found out about her and David.

David explains Zoe that he wants to burns them down, she doesn’t agree. David gets some of her people to following him now. Arika plans to get rid of Gates.

Gabriel found himself still alive, after wakes up Julian gives him sedate and knock him down again.

After Claire, Arika and Gabes decides to raid Zoe’s armory. Arika send the message about it to David.

Gabriel wakes up and found he is not tied. He try to escape out, but he is not so well from the drug effect. On the way out he meets Claire and Noma and Arika. He tells them take his pin out, he will killed Julian.

Instead they try to convince him stay with them, they start to kiss him. Julian tells Reisen about Vega, Claire and David. He try to convinces him to turn to Dyad, exchange with his vial. His wife convinces him to turn.

David shows up to Zoe that he wants to ambush Claire too from his intel he got, they decided to work together.

Claire’s men are going to raid their armory, but this is Claire’s plan to trick them. While real attack are at the food supply. While he call Arika to complain, she tells him that it’s a trap. Then there is explosion behind them.

Zoe and David wake up, but Claire’s solders are coming. He left her there and escape. Claire’s solder also shows up and arrest Arika and her people.

Gates tells her about Armory, Tower and Zoe captured, but David escapes. Arika is sent to jail, Claire goes to see Zoe and killed her.

Julian turns Reisen to dyard, Gates found out that he is very sick. William comes back from desert, he tells other people that he has marks too and he is also chosen.