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Extant Season 2 Episode 5

The New Frontier

Molly shows JD about message she found about Ethan, he found finger print from Charlie.

In simulation Lucy goes to bar and looking for alien hybrid, she found him and kill him. Anna, Julie greets with her, she pass the test. They tell her to wait until they found target.

Anna tells Julie about Ethan, she goes to ask Charlie about it Then Molly and JD shows up, she found Ethan but he doesn’t remember her. She found they erase his memory, she is upset but Julie threaten her out.

JD asks Molly what happen after Ethan is taken, she tells him about John’s accident. She goes to ask Toby about it, she threaten him to expose about alien.

JD use his friend to found out about John’s accident, General Toby, Anna and head of Home sec Fiona, meeting about Ethan and Molly. He tells them Molly can help them on virus, but she wants Ethan. But Anna tells her Julie has project in her hand.

Fiona meets with Ethan, they are talking. Toby goes to tells Molly about Fiona, he tells her that he will help her get him back.

Next day Molly and Julie go to see Fiona, they have meeting about Ethan. Charlie takes Lucy out for lunch, she notices the alien. She goes after him and kill him.

Fiona decides that Ethan should be treated as human, but before she confirmed them she found out what happen to Lucy. She killed the hybrid, they are celebrate her.

Molly found out about Lucy from Ethan, at night while she walked home she is attacked by a man. She use her alien power and get him killed, JD see what she did.