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Dominion Season 2 Episode 7

Lay Thee Before Kings

Julian put Gabriel and Michael on electrical chair, he tells them he wants to break them and then he will takes their body.

Noma found a prophecy, he tells her to takes Alex on east. They are escape from eight balls that coming after them. They arrive at abandon shop with full of eight balls, they found their supply and try to get out.

In past Gabriel used to take care a child like Michael, until he met Michael. He and his son was involve in the war. He sent his son to fight with enemy, he could kill him and win the war.

Claire gets the message from the rebel, she tells them she wants to talk and negotiate with Zoe to end the war. They have a meeting, Claire decides to go with Arika, Gates tells her she is the one who tell David about him.

She meets with Zoe and wants them to work together, she agreed with her. Gates spots the sniper, they escape.

Julian get Reisen’s wife back to convinces him, he shows him the other eight balls that pretend to be his wife.

Zoe catch one of her man that managed sniper and kill him.  Gabriel sacrifices himself and make chance for Michael to escape. While he stays behind he wants to kill Julian first.

Julian comes back and found Gabriel unconscious, he try to wakes him up. Alex and Noma finish all eight balls in shop, after he patch her. More eight balls are coming.