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Extant Season 2 Episode 4

Cracking the Code

Toby wear his vest that night, so he is not dead. At the facility, General Toby gathering the genetic scientist to break DNA of the alien. He tells her that he has virus that can kill it but it’s also kill human. They are fixing it for now.

JD try to sneaks in quarantine area to get more information, his daughter also pregnant. He found that they can only get in, so he takes her out.

Toby put Molly in the genetic’s team too, she discover something.  And then she starts to lost herself, she goes out to get a guy. That night Ethan call her with Julie’s phone, but she didn’t pick up.

Next day JD shows up, he tells her about his pregnant daughter. He takes her to help her, she tells her she will get her test tonight.

Ethan is missing from house, he goes to check about Molly’s house. He found out where is Molly. He goes to her house, he see his picture and Molly and collapse.

Molly check JD’s daughter pregnant and they are ok, she start to off herself again. But he stop her before, then his daughter back. They are happy after found out.

At night Molly found that Ethan was here in her house.