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Dominion Season 2 Episode 6

Reap the Whirlwind

Claire try to find the way to united the cities back, David tells Zoe that he knows how to make her win. He destroy the broadcast on Claire’s side, now they have only their side. He wants her to win the people.

Alex found Julian will not kill Gabriel, he wants to revenge on Michael and Gabriel instead. He decides to leave city with vial. He found Michael while Noma are surrounded by lower angel.

Alex tells Michael that he knows what Julian wants to attack the Vega and give the body to all lower angel. He thinks he will evict him, but he needs Riesen’s help.

Gates ignores Claire command and goes to tunnel to fix the broadcast, she tells him the hidden passage to the tower.

Alex failed to evict Julian, he is captured along with Noma and Gabriel. Julian wants to get his vial back from Noma, he is going to brand him.

Someone trick tells David about Gates, they send rebel to capture him. But he manages to the broadcast tower. He is ambush by rebel, but Claire’s soldier shows up. But Gates manages to get back the broadcast.

Noma sacrifice her wings to get Alex escape, they meet Michael at escape hatch. But Julian’s men shows up, Michael help them block them while they escape. She tells him that she is dying.

Julian takes Michael in the prison, he is unconscious.