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Extant Season 2 Episode 3

Empathy for the Devil

5 months ago, Molly’s alien son dead and in the morgue. Then he get up from his dead body and become teenager. After that he gets out and find house, few days later he become growth man.

Now at bar, he is talking with Molly he said he’s Ahdu. He notices the camera and off it, he gets her out of the bar. JD shows up, Ahdu stop him. Molly notices that he is her son, while he force JD killed himself. Molly tells him to stop, he did. Then the drone strike, JD gets her down while Ahdu escapes.

Then Soldier team show up and arrest them, they question JD about Molly and Ahdu. He won’t say anything. They also questions Molly about Ahdu, she found out that who behind this is Toby.

He tells her about Ahdu, how he find him. He asks her about her and Ahdu, now he asks her to help. She see the projections how is going on. He wants to use her to get closed him and kill him. They train her.

Anna is satisfy what Lucy becomes, but Julie and her partner worry about her morality. General Toby releases JD and tells him not to involve. He tells Molly to go home and wait him.

At night JD shows up instead, he wants her explanation. She tells him everything, he starts to believe her. Suddenly she feels something, she tells him to leave but he won’t. She forces him out, then power is out near her place.

General Toby thinks Ahdu is there, Molly tells him she doesn’t sure she can kill him. Ahdu shows up, she asks what he wants. He tells her he wants to shows her something, she see alien children. She pass out, when wake up she shoots at him but he’s Toby.