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Dominion Season 2 Episode 5

Son of the Fallen

Michael and Gabriel are at new Delphi, while Alex try to convince Julian to work with them. Julian finally agreed and tell him about his plan.

Alex goes out to lure Gabriel in to his trap, but instead of Gabriel he meets Michael. He tells him he comes with Gabriel and he should worried about Julian, Alex doesn’t listen to him.

Julian propose Reisen to change him as dryad, it can save him. But he refused him, Claire get idea from Gates to make a bounty on Zoe, one of rebel barge in and try to kill her. David help her from it, she found she has a bounty. One of her man is shot, David volunteer to negotiate for her.

Julian approach to Alex with his men, he tells him about plan. He tells him that he should trap Michael because Gabriel will come with him.

Arika found that David is the rebel represent, he tells her everything in exchange to get him back to council. She tells him to do something, once back Zoe upsets about it. She decides to destroy Reisen tower tonight.

Michael decides to stop Julian alone, he injured Gabriel so he can’t involve. Alex lures Michael to the trap, Noma shows up. He tells her why he did this to end the war. Gabriel shows up and knocks them down.

Gabriel tells him he will kill Alex, Julian shows up and captured Gabriel. Julian tells Michael that he is Lyrare. Michael get chances and escapes.

David decides to destroy the tower, he tells Claire that he will do it instead. He is going to there with the bomb.

After installation, he tricks the switch. Claire also see the explosion, now he split cities in 2 parts.