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Extant Season 2 Episode 2


General Toby is checking the team to arrest the suspect man, but he turn them to kill other. All team are killed, at funeral his men tells him that Molly’s out.

Molly tells JD about alien, but he won’t believe her. She tells him how to detect it but they need the victim sample. But they found from her doctor that she never gives it, her doctor tells them about growth acceleration. He tells them about next victim too who has same condition.

They go to see her, Zoe. But they found out that she didn’t pregnant with her husband. She tells her that if she don’t stop pregnant, she will died.

Anna is at the lab, she rush Julie for the project. She wants it today, Julie forces them to work full time and can shows them Lucy.

Molly drugged JD and goes to see Zoe again, she tells her that it’s happened to her too and she wants to help. She tells her how she gets it, but she doesn’t want to end it.

After she left, Molly feels headache and then she pass out. She wakes up again in some place at wood. She meets an alien girl,  then she heard JD yell at her. She doesn’t remember what happen, they found Zoe call her for help.

But they can’t find her, he gets the information that Zoe just died. Ethan found that he never see his parent again, he try to detonate himself.

Julie try to convinces him to stop. she tells him that she can stop his pain and he agreed.

Molly sneaks out from JD again, but he did track on her. General Toby authorize drone to attack the alien, but when he see him with Molly then he hesitate but he decides to do it.