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Dominion Season 2 Episode 4

A Bitter Truth

Alex thinks Julian hide something, because he is stalling him. Reisen tells them Julian must has something that can stop Gabriel for while.

Claire found that angel is following her, while they try to send request for help he destroy their communication. He try to break in through the wall, but they use electricity to stop him.

David is captured by the rebel, he try to negotiate by he failed. While they are going to kill him, he offered them the place for stage their rebellion. Gabriel tells Michael about bomb that killed Uriel.

Reisen try to convinces Julian to attack Gabriel, he tells him that he has his defense and his trap. While he stalling him, Alex and Norm go to check his rooms. He found thousand of eight balls gathering in big room.

But Julian found out that he breaks his trust, he and Norm are arrested by them. Julian show them his weapon, it can possesses angel on human. While he is going to make on Norm, she shows her wing and get out them out. She also grab his weapon with them. Alex takes them to hide in the prison, Noma explains him what is it. It’s a vial of darkness, but lower angel drawn to it. Julian used it to guide them to human body, if it’s open it will destroy entire city.¬†They go to make a deal with Julian.

Michael asks Gabriel where is Alex, he tells him he will not like it. Michael wants Gabriel to go with him.

David get chances and grab their gun and becomes their threaten instead, he tells them he knows what to do now. He needs to think big. He tells her to lead the rebel and chances to destroy Claire.

Claire and Gates lure angel in and explode him with the bomb. They escapes.