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Extant Season 2 Episode 1

Change Scenario

At night Molly’s son is picked up by couple. At their house he play with their son, then he collapse and bleeding.

Molly is questioned by Senator about alien she found, but she lies to him that there is no alien walks on earth. Her general tells her to lie, he also tells him about death of her alien son.

John at his lab, he try to bring Ethan back, he tells her that new Ethan is ready and he wants her try. He wakes up and seem back to normal.

At night Molly goes to check the footage of John and Julie, she found that they have an affair before she back home. They have a fight about it, then government agents show up and take Ethan. They said for national security.

They rush to her general, he tells them it’s because Ethan hack to security and destroy the building to stop alien. He tells them they can’t do anything.

Ethan is taken to some building, he get chances and escape. But he is cornered, he found that it’s Julie.

At lab John found that he is forbid to his, Julie then tells him that she is going to help them make Ethan a weapon. John said he find the way to get Ethan back. While he get out, he is locked in car and crash by train.

Molly now is at the hospital to evaluate for her emotion, but she is captured for more time.

JD get the incoming information about his next job. He accepted it, it’s about woman get homicide. At hospital Molly found out about the case, she notices it’s same as body she found in space. She managed to escapes the hospital to check it.

She gets inside the victim house, she meet JD there, he captured her. She tells him that the victims are pregnant, he let her captured back by nurse.

Ethan is stay with Julie, she tells him that he has to stay with her. Next few day JD shows up at hospital and get her out of hospital. She tells him this is not murder but invasion. At night a man looks like Molly’s son takes out woman from the club.