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Dominion Season 2 Episode 3

The Narrow Gate

Alex’s friend try to stop him, he insists to get in alone. Claire found that her assassin escapes. Town leader is┬áburied Harper, Michael found that the reason that all of them confess to her because she will sacrificed herself for them.

Michael wants to attack 2 cities at same time, he sent one of his men to kill Claire. Alex found General Reisen in there, he asks him about eight balls who has a key.

Claire goes to asks Gates to help her track down her assassin. He doesn’t want to, but finally she forced him. After that he shows her their command center that her assassin might be.

Michael try to convinces leader not to kill herself, but he failed. At night while she try to sacrifice, Michael shows up. He wants to replace her.

Riesen leads Alex to where he found that eight balls, he found him and kill him. Several eight balls come to attack them, Alex cast out one of them.

Claire prepare her attack to the command center she found, but her assassin escapes. Claire thinks one of her man let her out.

After leader gives her confess and sin to Michael, the fire is out. Eight balls start to get in the town, he stab himself. Fire starts again and cast out all eight balls.

Gabriel feels the dead of Michael, town people buried him near the church. After a while, he wakes up from grave.

Alex gets his ally with Julian, he gives him the key. Julian use it to open the god’s weapon. He was the one on angel that get in the war with Michael and Gabriel.