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Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 12

Hell Bent

doctor arrives at small bar in Nevada, he meets …. She is a waitress who look like Clara. He sings her the song about Clara, she tells him to tell her about Clara’s story.

The President found that doctor is come home, they are all worried. City notices the changes and its bell ring.

Battleship shows up to him, they want to take him to capital. But he doesn’t interest, they try to send another commander to see him but he ignores him.

He keeps ignores them until the President come with himself, he asks him about hybrid. He knows it’s him who send him to prison, he try to threaten doctor but it’s not work.

He command his men to shoot at doctor, but they won’t and switch to his side. He banished the president out of planet. He said next one is the council.

They try to ask doctor about the hybrid, he said to them he is going to talk with old friend. He goes to the time before Clara died, he stop time and takes her out.

He takes her to hell of time lord, he knows how to get out through there. Clara found out what happen to him for last 4 billions year, she is sad.

She and doctor steal the Tardis and escape away, he takes her to the end of universe. But she still can’t have her pulse.

doctor hear knocks outside, he found Ashildr. She asks him who is the hybrid, he said it’s her who is half human and half Mire.

But she said he should be hybrid, he is half time lord and half human. Then she said it might be him and Clara, he tells her that he will erase her memory about him so she can’t be dangerous.

They go back to see her, Clara knows what is he going to do with her. She won’t, he tells her they will do together. But he lost his memory about her instead.