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Dominion Season 2 Episode 2

Mouth of the Damned

Claire is tried to assassinate by one of her guard, but she escapes and request the help on time.

Alex and them are taken to their city, new Delphi. Their lead tells them that in his city, angel and human live together. He tells them that Gabriel is coming to them, he tells them he can help them get him.

Michael is curious about this town and their fire, their leader still believes that it’s because of god. But he is not convince, Harper is one of this town. She just comes back from outside. She is freak out when she see Michael. She remember that he is an angel.

Gabriel shows up at new Delphi, he and his men get in to get Alex. The scout’s team notice the breach, they start to move them out.

Gabriel starts his attack, Alex try to convinces his guard to give him fight. Norm fight fight with Gabriel’s men. Alex stop convinces him and fight with guard, then Gabriel’s men shows up. Alex killed both of them while he see Norm is getting killed.

He try to help but leader shows up and shots that angel down, Gabriel then shows up. He tells their leader, Julian he wants the trade with him. But Julian refused him, he upset and leave for now.

Michael threaten Harper not to tell anyone about him, for the sake of people in town. She agreed and tells other that she doesn’t remember. But leader thinks she hide something, and she won’t confess it. She is killed by one of town people.

Julian doesn’t want to ally with Alex, he thinks because he escapes from his prison. Alex tells him about his tattoo.

Claire remove David from his position after she plants eight balls to him and blackmail him with it.

Julian asks Alex to get him something from prison of eight balls. If he gets it, they will talks about ally.