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Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 11

Heaven Sent

doctor is sent to the prison, he found that he is watching. He is cornered by something but when he gives up, the time is stop. Then whole building is moving, he found the room.

That thing still come after him, he thinks they try to make him fear. He suddenly jump out of the window, and dive into the lake.

He gets up and back in the prison, he found the garden and spade. He thinks someone wants to tells him something is buried in garden.

He starts to dig, he found something buried. Then creature show up, he found that they want to see his confession. Every time he confess, creature stop. At the dig site, he found number 12.

He is looking for room number 12, but every time he confess to creature. All castle moving, after times he finally accidentally found room 12.

He thinks someone wants to know abut Hybrid, now he found they way to get out. But he has to tells them what he knows about hybrid, he decides not to. He let the creature kill him, but for time lord life it takes days to died.

doctor takes his body up to the teleport room, he burned himself and teleport himself back here again to store his life. He keeps repeat this cycle, die and back. But every time he make the wall between him and tardis thinner and thinner.

But after 2 billions year, he punches it through. He is back.