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Dominion Season 2 Episode 1

Heirs of Salvation

Outside the shelter, Michael is fighting with other. At hideout, Gabriel doesn’t happy what happen he thinks Alex lies to him. His tattoo then start to move again, he just get another message. But he try to prank him, he is upset and tell his men to pin Nomes’s wing.

Then the plan arrive and drop the bomb on them. Claire order the other the bombard them. David is upset what she did, he tells her that Alex is there. She said she knows.

Alex wakes up and found Gabriel still alive, he try to kill him but his angel protect him. Nomes convinces him to escape.

They heading to New Delphi, because Michael worried about it. He wants to check it, Michael found several eight balls head to kill human. He decides to head to that place.

Their leader tells him that god protect them, he see the flame and church in village. Their leader tells him that flame is protecting them.

Alex and Nomes get in abandon school to look for something, but the found group of eightballs heading to them. They escapes from them.

After David found that the bomb didn’t kill Gabriel and his men, he is so upset at them. Alex found himself can cast the angel out of human.

David try to convinced the council to remove Claire from governor. Alex just found a man that he cast angel out, they have no choice but take him with them.

Michael heard that storm is coming, the frame is start to off. He goes out and see eight balls. They start attack the village. Michael walks out and start to kill them.

Once storm out, all eight balls is burned and running out of village. He goes back in church, he thinks god is there.

Alex and them found the body of high angel, then they are chase by group of men. They are captured.