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Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 10

Face the Raven

After doctor and Clara back from the adventure at the garden, they get the phone call from Rigsy. She gives him the number for emergency, he tells them about countdown tattoo.

He tells them he has no idea where he gets it, he also doesn’t remember anything from yesterday.

After check him up, doctor thinks he has contact with alien and he is wiped out memory about it. He found that he is going to die.

He takes them to see who did this to him, they fly over London and make the new map. They are focusing on place where they can’t focus it because it’s protected.

They split to each suspicious area, Clara thinks she found it. They found that Rigsy gets called from unknown, he started to remember something. He shows them the trap street, once they enter they found 2 aliens shows up.

Ashildr shows up, he tells her about Quantum shade on back of Rigsy. They found out that Ashildr did that to him, she said he make a crime.

She shows them the body they found with Rigsy, they think someone call him and setup him. Then outside they see how quantum shade works, raven shows up and kill the thief.

Ashildr tells him that he has to convinces the people not her, he needs to find the evidence.

After Clara found how to safe him, she asks him to gives the tattoo to her. doctor found something suspicious about what happen to Rigsy, Clara notices something they go to see victim’s son.

He tells them that Ashildr has plans, but he doesn’t know exactly what is it. doctor and them go to check the victim’s body, he found she alive. Seem Ashildr setup them to use doctor Tardis’s key to release her.

doctor use it and found his arm is locked, Ashildr shows up. She tells him that lock is transport bracelace, they want her to lock him.

They found out that Clara get the tattoo, they are freak out. Ashildr tells her that she can’t get it out if she get it from another way, doctor tells her to safe her otherwise he will bring her a hell. Clara calms him down.

Clara decided to face the Raven, she say goodbye to them. She tells doctor not to revenge on her, she goes out and died.

The teleport takes the doctor out some where, he tells her do not try to see him again.