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Bones Season 11 Episode 10

The Doom in the Boom

2 teenagers found the body, after he called police another man, Seth shows up instead. He tells them he got paid by get the picture, polices show up.

Bones’s team goes there to check body, seem someone just drop body for them to found. They get phone from unknown, Hodgins try to get it. Aubrey notices it’s a bomb, he cover him. They both injured.

They rush to see them at hospital, Hodgins is safe. But Aubrey gets hurt a lot, he protect Hodgin’s life. From this event, 4 cops are dead, they takes the rest of body to check.

Arastoo shows up to help, he found that victim has a replacement part. From that they found he is a cop.

Karen shows up at Booth office, she is behavior analyst. She here to help him on case, but he doesn’t feels her useful.

Booth questions victim’s lieutenant. He tells him they are working on gang that make them unhappy to them.

Caroline questions one of the gang, she thinks that he try to make his boss arrest so he can be next one.

Aubrey wakes up and seem fine, at lab they found out that victim is not killed by gang. After they found where is victim get shot, there they found the case. They found there is a victim see same car passing around while victim killed.

Booth and Karen question that guy, he is the one who at the crime scene, Seth. They think he did the crime so he can sell it.

He gives them the video at that night victim died, they found the shadows of kill in his video.

From print from the case, they found the place where killer might takes victim out and plant bomb, they found another cop body in there. But after check that body it’s belong to their suspect.

Karen thinks killer see victim on TV as good cop, he wants to kill him because of that. She thinks killer has problem with any authority not just the cop.

Booth tells Bones that he wants to make himself target, but Caroline shows up and shows them Aubrey is on TV. Now he is the target, they found that there is 2 killers that carried the victim out.

Boot found out that victim is killed by skateboard. Aubrey remember 2 teenagers at crime scene, they go to catch him. They found his father was a bad cop, they catch them while they build  the bomb.