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Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 9

Sleep No More

In video, Gager warn the watcher that they can’t unseen it. Groups of rescue comes to rescue him, but they found no crew but they found doctor and Clara.

While they are checking, they heard the roar, and they are chasing by something. They escape it to the room.

Inside they found a sleeping pod, they foundĀ Gager inside. He explains them about morpheus about machine help them sleep.

doctor tells them that what after them is sleep dust, as morpheus forbid it out when they sleep so they get out as monster. They are looking for one of missing crew.

He found the sleep dust monster and get digested, while the other found that the ship is failing. doctor try to fix it while monster attack them, they lost another one of them.

They running to hide at cold storage, but monster following them outside. doctor let them in, he found that they can’t see them.

doctor found out that everyone in morpheus will be track by dust eye, someone tracking them. doctor has idea who do this, he heads back to their rescue ship.

They found Gager, he tells them they can’t fight them they are new future life form. He and them work together to get them on earth. He shows them the patient zero, he will spread his spore and make infected.

Gager get shot by last rescue team, while sandman is outside banging the door. doctor notices something, but they have no time. He get the rest of them on Tardis and escape.

Gager gets up again, he tells that Morpheus has no spores. Now he will transmitsĀ feed to all morpheus.