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Bones Season 11 Episode 9

The Cowboy in the Contest

At lab they are checking the body in boot, they found he is shot by old style gun powder. They thinks he dresses like cowboy, he is Stanley.

They found he was at Frontier game before he died, he was in the game as cowboy figure. Next game will be this weekend, Booth and Bones go in undercover.

Booth found Franny and Luke the owner of the game, after Bones shows up. They found the other player has no idea what happen to Stanley.

They are having the event for shooting, Booth doesn’t do well but Bones is. In lab they found that Stanley is shot through. Bones and Booth found where is shot, then they notices that Franny following them.

Aubrey found that Stanley wants to start his own game, they think this might get him killed.

Next gun event, Booth does so well to compete with Bones. Angela found that Stanley’s files are delete by one of his colleague. He tells them he did but he didn’t kill him. He tells him that he used Stanley to work for him.

They found that he worked on customer that company doesn’t exist. While Booth and Bones compete each other in game, they found that company has only Frontier game as client.

Booth expose him and arrest him, he admit that he just hit him but didn’t kill him. They found out that Luke has affair and she is the one who kill Stanley. She doesn’t want him to take Luke out and she will lost what she is waiting for.