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Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 8

The Zygon Inversion

After Clara wake up, she feels something strange. She found that her place is not real, she see what Bonnie see. She try to stop her from shooting doctor, but Bonnie shoot the plane down.

Bonnie is after a man, she tells him that she knows what is him. She changed him back to Zygon. After that she is going to get Osgoods’s box.

Clara found the doctor escape from plane, she use Bonnie’s body to send message to doctor. Osgoods tells him Clara might try to fight back.

doctor and Osgoods are surround by Zygon, Bonnie asks them about Osgoods’s box, Doctor get information from her and tells her do not tell them about the box.

He and Osgoods rush to save her, they try to make Bonnie lost in Clara’s mind. Bonnie try to ask Clara about the box. She tells her everything about the box.

Bonnie goes to Black Archive to get the box, disguise of Kate takes doctor to see Clara. But when they are there, Clara’s pod is missing. Osgoods tell her that Kate and her men are Zygon disguise.

Bonnie found 2 box, she called doctor. He tells her one of them will kill them all, she forces him to tells her which box. But she found both box has 2 buttons, she wants them to bring Doctor.

Kate actually is herself, she tricks them. She wants the gas that can kill them, she thinks it’s the box. Doctor and them go to see Bonnie, Kate goes to red box. He tells them both that one of button will kill them while the other will rescue their race.

He try to convinces them to make peace, finally he convinces them to stand down. Bonnie tells all Zygon to stand by.