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Bones Season 11 Episode 8

High Treason in the Holiday Season

Bones and team go to check body at golf field, they found she might be Vivian. Booth and Aubrey go to see her work place. Her boss tells her NSA or Greystream might get to her.

NSA’s agent comes to see the investigation, Cam make him get out. Booth and Bones question the other NSA’s agent, Cooper. he tells them it’s not them. Otherwise they will not found a body.

They go to check her room, they found that she just cut off her ex-husband. He tells them they should talk to Kate, one of her colleague.

Aubrey meets NSA’s agent Gil before he goes to question Kate, he tells him about her encrypt key. He tells him that she is try to get email between Vivian and her informant.

Kate gives him back her laptop, she said she can’t open it. At lab they open it with her blood, they found her appointment. At there they meet Gil again.

Booth and Bones found that Vivian and her husband has fight, she was with other man and he upset. He tells him that he wasn’t here the day she died.

Hodgins think that Gil might be her informant and kill her, at lab they found that Vivian also is tortured for information.

Booth goes to see Gil, he tells him he knows that he is her informant. He tells them that he and Vivan are working on Greystream, they might get to her.

Aubrey questions Cooper, he admit that he did tortured to get NSA’s document back. Bones found that Gil is the killer, he confess that he fight with her and it’s accident that he killed her.