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Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 7

The Zygon Invasion

Osgoods are in operation double, they talks about Zygons that allow to be on earth with human form. There is a ceasefire between Zygon and human, but if there is anything happen there is Osgoods box as last resource.

One of Osgoods running back in building and hiding, while one of Zygon shows up. She send the distress call before get capture by it.

Doctor gets her message and goes to see a child twins, at the UNIT they start to checking their past data. They found that Zygons capture Osgoo.

Doctor found that child twins are kidnapped, they actually Zygon’s leader, they told him before attack that they will handle their people but seem they can’t.

Zygon send them the video threaten, doctor try to reach Clara but he can’t. Clara is helping one of her student find his parent, but she found them are strange.

Doctor and Clara go to check Zygon commander base, UNIT tell them about young blood that want to revolt, they get another video. They killed the kidnapped Zygon commander. They threaten to kill the traitor.

They found that Osgoods is in new Mexico, doctor tell UNIT to find her while he will go to negotiate.

While Clara goes to get her stuff, she found parent kidnapped a children. But they found they are missing in lift, they get in to check and found the hidden level.

One of UNIT agent arrives at New Mexico, she found the Zygon’s symbol. At police station she meets one of police there, she asks if she bring the backup. She tells her what happen.

At UNIT they found a strange activity in lift over London to underground, while doctor and UNIT go to the village to rescue Osgoods back from them. But Zygons disguise as their family and lure them inside.

Doctor gets in but all agents are killed, their commander upset and wants to bomb the entire town. Doctor found Osgoods and get her out on time.

Clara takes her backup and down the lift, they found Zygon’s pod underground. Inside Clara also found herself in it, she wants to destroy them but other agent hesitate. She realize that all in pod are human and they are ambush.

Bonnie is disguise of Clara, she shoot doctor’s plane down. She tells him all UNIT dead, also Clara.