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Bones Season 11 Episode 7

The Promise in the Palace

3 bikers are that the wood, one of them down the hill and fall in hole. He found the body in hole.

Bones and team goes to see her body, they think killer try to dump her body from the hill. At lab, they found her body has a key hidden. From her finger and her face, they found she is Klarissa.

Booth and Aubrey go to see her roommate, they tells her what happen. She tells them she doesn’t know her well, she spent her time for her act the escape artist.

Booth and Bones go to see her work place, they see Mr. Jay her boss. He tells them she has most talent and just replace one of them, Bill.

He tells Aubrey she got burn because he pranks on her, that usually it’s not harm her but it is. He thinks she is distracted.

They found the video feed that she always goes to same place every week, Booth and Aubrey go to check. They found her coach, he refuses that he didn’t.

They found the threat email from Jay’s son, they questions him. He tells them he knows that his father gives her his trick. He upset and start to following her, he tells them he saw she kiss a guy.

Cam found that Klarissa suffer from fungus, Booth remembered that he saw her roommate’s boyfriend Victor cooking with truffle.

He tells Aubrey that they have sex for sometimes, he think his girlfriend might found it. Aubrey goes to see her, she admit that she knows but she doesn’t care.

Aubrey found that Klarissa is going to get new job at casino, Booth goes to see Jay. Bones found out how she died. They found that Jay killed her, because she break her promise to him that she will stay.