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Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 6

The Woman Who Lived

At night mask man in horse shows up to rob the brigand, doctor is near by. He is looking for something in brigand and interrupt her. He found that the robber is Ashildr.

She takes him to her place, she tells him how she used her live. She wants him to take her with him. She tells him she will help him to retrieve thing he want. At night she sneaks out to see her colleague. She tells him they will get the artifact.

They break in brigand mansion, they found what’s he looking for the eye of hades. While they leaving they alert the owner, they finally get out.

He found that Ashildr is act strange, he tells her he will stay with her for a while. She wants him to take her with but he refused.

doctor notices some sound of cat, he meets her friend Leandro. He tells him he crashed here and lost the artifacts. She wants to use it to underworld, but to use it she has to kill someone.

She call his servant, but he against it. They capture him, she tells him she plan to let him open portal for her. He tells her he can’t trust, then they found that the thief is going to hang soon. She decided to use their dead to open portal.

doctor escapes out from captured and following her, he stop him before robber get hanged. But Ashildr put the amulet at him, robber is dying. His life open the portal, but seem Leandro tricks her.

doctor tells her it’s can also get people in, spaceships show up and start to shoot at them. Leandro also start to attack pleasant, Ashildr goes out to stop him.

Ashildr uses her another medical toolkit on robber, it’s close the portal. Leandro is destroy by his men.