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Bones Season 11 Episode 6

The Senator in the Street Sweeper

Street Sweeper found the body on the road while they clean the street, at lab they found the pin of senator in the body. They found victim is Senator Rick.

Booth and Aubrey goes to see his wife, she is surprise the after fund raising last night he didn’t come home. Whip wants Booth and Bones to briefs them the case, Booth wants Bones to fire at Winter. So he can read her.

They question her about last night, she tells them about protester. She thinks they might attack him because he is going to vote for the bill.

Angela found video but bad quality on a man who argue with Rick last night, but Caroline remember him is Frankie. Aubrey and Caroline go to question him, but he seems clean.

They found that Rick often goes to restaurant every month, witness found him hug with a woman. Booth and Bones found that she is his daughter. She tells them that he often come to see her, last night she drove him home.

Now they have 3 suspects, the Whip, his wife and his daughter after they found he is tried to poison. Once they go to his house, they found they are going to make his wife as continue Senator.

While Booth and Aubrey hold both of them, Bones found the murder weapon. She call Booth and he found it at his house, she thinks killer might cut herself with it too. But seem both of them are clean, then they see the assistant there look suspicious. He confess that because Rick is going not to vote, he has affair with his wife. If he died he knows his wife will become next senator.