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Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 5

The Girl Who Died

Clara and doctor just help Velosians from the attack, they stopped for resting in middle of wood. Then vikings shows up and captured them.

They bring them to village, doctor try to trick them with technology but he is failed. A man claims himself as Odin shows up, he send the troop in the village. Clara try to help one girl, they are taken.

They found themselves in the building, one of them get killed while they other are pushing by wall. Clara try to help them escapes.

doctor convinces the town that what they see is not Odin, Clara and girl town found the Odin. He asks her about the glass, she found out that he killed the vikings for their hormone.

While Carla try to convince him not to start war with them, that girl declare a war on him. He accepts the challenge and send them back.

doctor tells Clara about this warrior, Mire. They are deadliest in galaxy, she tells him that this village just declare war on them.

He tells them to leave village but they won’t, they want to died in fight. Clara convinces doctor to help them fight, but it won’t go well.

After doctor talks to girl in town, he realize something and got plan. He tells them they can win the war with electric eels, they work all night to prepare the war.

Next day Mire shows up with 10 men, they found the village are playing. doctor tells them they are having party, he knows that they won’t start war on civilian.

One of them pull their trap, they destroy few of his men. Then doctor get one of their helmet out and put it on girl, then they start to see giant snake shows up.

They tricks them withdraw, now only one left. He blackmailed him about video of their withdraw, otherwise he will send his video to the galaxy to destroy his reputation. They agreed to withdraw.

One of the girl in his plan died, he decided to safe her. He used the battlefield kit from Mire to revive her, she wakes up. He lefts, he tells Clara that she will never die.